Do You know which is the most important thing in Affiliate marketing?

It is selecting right keywords. Keywords that would rank and bring sales. Doing keyword research is one of the toughest and crucial task in the process of Affiliate marketing.

How to do keyword research for Amazon affiliate marketing
Keyword research for Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Whether you are doing affiliate marketing for amazon or any product you have to do a certain thing: Keyword research

So The question arises " How to do keyword research for Amazon affiliate marketing? "

In this article, we will cover everything regarding keyword research for Amazon affiliate marketing that will not only help you to rank but also earn great commission. Keywords in which people convert easily.

So let's start

Search Intent: The crucial Factor in Affiliate marketing

What is the most important thing for keyword research: Search Intent

Knowing search intent is very important. You can not target any keyword and paste your amazon affiliate link in hope that people click and make purchase through it.

It will not work. You have to understand Search intent first.

So, What is search intent?

Search intent is the purpose of the user in searching for a query.

For example - If  I search " What is Protein powder " then I want to know about it. I am not willing to buy anything. So If you search it then website like Wikipedia will rank on such keywords.

search intent in affiliate marketing
Search Intent

But If I search "Best Protein Powder" then sites like amazon and affiliate sites will rank. So finding search intent is crucial in keyword research.

There are four types of search intent :
  • Informational
  • Navigational
  • Transactional
  • Commercial Investigation
Informational keywords stand for keywords which are searched to get information like "what is protein powder", "Should I take protein powder".

Navigational keywords are searching for particular sites. " Facebook", "Twitter" are some of the types of navigational keywords.

Transactional keywords are searched to buy something like "Buy Ps5".

Commercial investigation keywords are searched to know something about a product like "Macbook pro review", "Best smartphones" etc.

So, If you are an affiliate marketer You will have to target keywords of commercial investigation. But How can you find such keywords? 

So let's learn about it

#1 Using Google for Keyword research

You can use Google to find some of the great keywords for your affiliate blog. Just put your niche in Google search box.

So, If I have a site on Baby care, I will put "Baby" in my search box.
Google for Keyword research

Google will suggest some keywords for me. Now I will use some of the modifiers. It will be Best, Top, cheap, tips, why, etc.

After typing some alphabets Google will generate some of the topic ideas for my blog. You can select out of them and make blog on it.

You can even use LSI keywords which are displayed at the end of the search result. It will also give You an idea for your next blog post.

LSI keywords
LSI keywords

If Your site is new you should choose long-tail keywords. They are less competitive. Google suggestions are important. You can rely on them.

Some of the keywords found are:-
  • best baby sunscreen aap
  • best car seat for baby
  • best cribs for baby
  • best car window shades for baby

#2 Using Google operators for Keyword research

This is the most common practice for keyword researching. First find your competitors list. You can use google operators in finding some of the great keywords. 

You have to search  site:[] intitle:review

You can even use terms like "Best", "Top", "Cheap" etc.

It will show all the affiliate articles your competitor has published. You can also make a blog on them. 

#3 Using  Quora for keyword research

Quora is a big site.People used to ask and answer questions here. It is becoming so popular. You can even use it for your keyword research.


If you want to find products to promote You can apply previous concepts and will get idea for different products. You can use the following string to find affiliate keywords for the baby care site:- intitle:for baby "best"

You can use terms like "review", "cheap" , "top" etc instead of Best. You can easily get tons of idea just by scrolling the page.

#4 Using keyword research tool 

This is the Best thing for an affiliate marketer. It reduces lots of hard work. You can find Difficulty, Trend, Search volume, and every other important metrics of a keyword.

I have a great experience in Affiliate marketing and with this experience, I would suggest You to use Semrush keyword research tool. It is really great.


You just have to put the niche in the search box and you will find millions of keywords there. Now You have to choose only those keywords which contain "Best", "Review", "Top" etc in the keyword.

You will find there great affiliate keywords. Now You can choose keywords of less/moderate difficulty.
If in any keyword a low authority site(as forums) is ranking then it is a good sign for You.

I have already published an article about using Semrush. You should read it once.


There are many ways of keyword researching. You will learn them throughout your journey. The motive of doing keyword research is just only to find profitable keywords for your site which will bring traffic and which will help in generating sales.

There are many other ways too. You should not restrict yourself with only these methods. You should constantly learn it. 

So, How was this article? Tell us about your thoughts in the comment box and also share it with your friends and help us in reaching great mass. 😊

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